The Best Things In Life Are Free, Now That I’ve Discovered What You Mean To Me…..

We have among us a Mooch II. Yes, unfortunately she was in hiding, but she has revealed herself as a Mooch II! A User. An Abuser. Nothing from her is free. Nothing is out of the goodness or kindness of her heart. Nothing is without expectation of getting something in return. There’s a price for every action she delivers, and it may cost you more than you would ever hope for. There’s always a cost.
This is a Mooch of a different variety, but still a Mooch nonetheless. She’s a survivor and this is what she does to survive. She does what it takes to survive, to go on, to move forth.
If you encounter this Mooch II, just be aware that her kindness and courtesies are not without their price!
And heaven be on your side when she comes to claim her repayment.

#FourthPersonProse – Here It Is, Just For You, As You Asked Me To…..

So I told you where I stood on you posting pictures of my family and you did as you were told. You will never understand why and you will never understand the risks involved. You use your social media as your scrapbook, as your memoirs, maybe because your memory is not so good? Well, if your memories are even captured as digital, then they should be yours to remember as long as you can hold them.
So then, is it that your sharing of your social media scrapbook for all to see is for ego? For likes? For popularity? Are you using my kids to gain for your self popularity? Sure, you want to share with your friends, with your quasi family, but that still doesn’t grant you permission to post pictures of My Family. Besides, anyone who wants to see pictures of My Family would be already following Me and friends with me.
Yes, you have build your own family. Your friends that you run to when you need something to survive. Your people that you depend on to get by. The kindnesses of strangers who you have to depend on rather than happen upon by chance.
And yes, while your account is protected, do you still realize how much drama is in your life? How much drama do you attract? And are you sure that you know all of your followers? What if there’s someone crazy out there watching your posts? I already know that I don’t want your baby’s daddy even anywhere near my family in proximity or on social media. How do your posts even sound to other people and to the people you are posting about? And I’m not even going to talk about your hashtag issues.
I know you are proud of them. I know you are proud to be their auntie, but you need to keep that pride and joy secure and safe. SAFE. To yourself.
It’s sad that I have to tell you in this way, but it’s what you wanted. Besides, nobody can ever talk to you in seriousness without you shutting down after five minutes. Life is all about unicorns and ladybugs to you anyways, right?
My family’s safety is not for you to decide on. It’s not for you to risk. It’s not for you to jeopardize. You do not have to protect them when something bad happens. Sure, you might want to, but when push comes to shove, where are you going to be?
I know you don’t want to hear this, and I know you have no idea what I’m talking about. Things in your life have always been “if they’re not with you, they’re against you.” Well, that’s not always the case, not even close.
The worst part is that you just cannot leave well enough alone. You still think the world revolves around you. You think that you are entitled. And you think that if it’s not all about you, then it just does not exist.

If. I. Could. Turn. Back the Hands of Time……

I rarely like to think about time travel, going into the past, and changing my past, but if given the opportunity for just one time leap, I know clearly the moment I would want to fix.
If I could turn back the hands of time….. I would want to redo the eulogy at my mother’s funeral service.
It all happened so quick. I was NOT expecting an open casket. My emotions got the best of me, choked me. I was not even close to being prepared. I wrote some ideas out, some dates, some life events.
I wanted so badly to celebrate her and raise her up. I wanted for everyone to share in the good times, the humorous times, her generosity, and her passion. Of course everyone in attendance already knew of all of that, but just to send her off with those closing memories… instead, I babbled. I sobbed. I choked. I could not even compose my thoughts, my delivery, my message.
She knows, and she was watching. She would have that smirk on her face and the understanding that I had just fallen apart.
Should Have. Could Have. Would Have. Didn’t.
No regrets, but if given the chance…