I Want My Baby Back Baby Back Baby Back….Ribs…..

When a restaurant serves you your dinner and tells you “Be Careful, this plate is really hot”, it doesn’t mean that it’s so fresh that it just came out of the oven or off of the stove.
Depending on the establishment, it usually means that it was sitting under a heat lamp for way too long, and that heat lamp was way too hot, so you can’t touch your plate for another ten minutes at least.
I hate it when that sh*t happens.

I Will Go Down With This Ship, I Won’t Put My Hands Up and Surrender…..

I was taught in early Catholic elementary school that the Catholic church frowns upon suicide. It was said that people who take their own lives will not be allowed past the gates of heaven. I already had my issues with the Catholic church back then, as well as with the bible. It was natural that I questioned the concept of heaven and hell, and who was to say that if you took your own life, you would not be allowed into heaven? Was that just something that the church created to ensure that people didn’t commit suicide? Was it something they wanted to instill fear for of Catholics who couldn’t hold on to their faith, and tried to check out early from this life? I guess suicide is in part the opposite of faith.
So I called B.S. on this idea at an early age.
What sort of religion sets their rules based on fear? And who exactly knows what does and doesn’t get you passed the gates of heaven? Did someone “almost die” and see what happens at the gates, asked some questions, and then came back to report it to the rest of humanity? I knew back then that there was something fishy going on.
More on this a little while later.
Ultimately, the human condition is one that we have power that most other beings on this planet don’t: choice. We can choose to end our own lives if we so decide. This is not the norm, nor is it acceptable, but it is completely possible. Societies have tried to frown down upon it, and discourage it, even push it to the side and ignore it.
The question is: actually the question behind the question. What decisions, choices, and circumstances even lead to the suicide in the first place?

Good Morning Vietnam….

Robin Williams passed away today. A part of my childhood just lost, gone, disappeared just like that. Sure, there were his good and great movies that he will be remembered for, but for me one of the best memories was watching his live stand up routines. He put 100% effort into those routines and I remember he would always be sweating bullets in the end. He could do so many voices and so many punchlines. He left an impression on so many people.
Sure, there are opinions on mental health. Sure, there are opinions on mental health issues and support (or lack thereof). Sure, there are opinions on depression and it’s effects on people, and their loved ones.
Heroes were never meant to last forever. Heroes perish. All of them do at one time or another. They fall down from their pedestals and they expire. Idols also fall, sometimes just as hard.
I just wish that sometimes they would not be so human.

And After All That We’ve Been Through…..

It’s a gift and a curse that the 2-year old wants so much to be like the 5-year old. She wants to go where she goes,’play how she plays, and sing the songs she sings. The frustrating part to watch is hat she can’t always go to the same places, play the same games, and sing the same songs. Her learning curve is way way accelerated, but there are still limitations. As much as you never want to kill your kids’ dreams, it’s so hard to tell a 2-year old that can’t do anything. It goes against the fundamental part of telling your kids that they can do and be anything.
What’s worse, when the 2-year old gets a bit more attention because well, she’s 2, the 5-year old will sometimes regress and start acting like a 2-year old to try to vie for some more attention. How frustrating is that?? I call her out on this type of retaliatory behaviour, and she knows exactly that her card has been pulled, but it’s still frustrating as heck to have to deal with it.
In the end, they’re still two great, smart ninjas. I have to remember Her voice, reminding me to have patience and be patient with them. She would still have such a great time with the both of them.

You Can Get With This or You Can Get With That…..

When you’ve known old friends who are a couple and have been for years, and then they break up… then what happens? Who’s side do you take? Do you even have to take sides? Let’s say that you were introduced to them as a couple, and you’re equally connected to both of them.
It almost feels worse than kids who are involved in a divorce settlement. At this point, it’s been six months since they’ve broken up and I still can’t decide who’s side to take.
All that I can decide thus far is to not take a side. Just stay neutral. Just stay Switzerland.