Of Bucket Lists and Check Marks…..

We had someone come in today to talk about Bucket Lists and support our company’s Bucket List Challenge. The company wanted a group of people who wanted to pursue their dreams, even if they were outside of work, to join the leaders in helping their top bucket list items a reality.
I was befuddled.
I mean, I’m not that old, but I’ve knocked SOOO many things off my list already:
Seen a Super Bowl game.
Seen a World Series Game in New York.
Seen an NHL Stanley Cup Finals game.
Been to Duke (4 times).
Seen the Seahawks play.
Seen the Seahawks play in Dallas.
Saw the Cowboys play in Dallas (5).
Touched the Stanley Cup.
Seen countless Blue Jay games, Raptor games, Maple Leaf games, Canucks games, Oilers games, Argos games, Mariners games, Grizzlies games.
Went to the Grizzlies first ever game.
Been to Wrigley Field, Old Yankee Stadium, New Yankee Stadium, Old Shea Stadium, Veterans Field,
Seen the Expos vs the Giants in Montreal at Olympic Stadium.
Seen Jay Z concerts (many)
Seen Jay Z concerts in New York (2).
Saw Watch the Throne 3x in Toronto.
Seen Janet Jackson in concert (4).
Seen Dave Chappelle live show (2).
Seen Chris Rock live show.
Seen Margaret Cho live (4).
Seen Alicia Keys live in concert (3).
Seen Prince live in concert (3).
Seen Kanye West live in concert (4).
Seen Usher live in concert (3).
Seen Madonna live in Madison Square Garden.
Seen Sade Live.
Seen No Doubt/Gwen Stefani live (many).
Seen Beyonce live (3).
Seen the New Edition Reunion Tour.
Seen Eminem in concert live in a private ballroom in Las Vegas.
Seen Boyz II Men live (6).
Saw Bryan Adams live in Vancouver.
Seen Ludacris live in Montreal.
Seen Busta Rhymes, Nas, Mos Def, Fat Joe, Kardinal, Rascalz, Lil Jon, Ludacris, Ciara, and Kanye West all live at the Marc Ecko Gettin Up Festival.
Seen Wrestlemania live (2).
Seen Wicked the Musical (3).
Seen Lion King the Musical (3).
Seen The Producers Musical (2).
Seen Sound of Music Musical (3).
Seen Miss Saigon the Musical.
Seen Les Miserables (4).
Met Jay Z (2).
Met Russell Simmons (3).
Met Marc Ecko (many).
Met Puffy once.
Met 50 Cent (2).
Met Ciano Farmer once.
Shook Kanye’s hand once.
Smoked with Snoop.
Smoked with Bokeem Woodbine.
Went to Caribana (many).
Been to the New Era Factory (2).
Been to the Canada Goose Factory (2).
Been to the Macy’s head office (many).
Crashed a couple of TIFF parties.
Crashed a few MMVA parties.
Travelled to Turkey, Italy, France, England, Philippines, Hong Kong, Mexico, China.
Been to Disneyland, Disneyworld, Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Old Faithful,

And so that’s about +70 things that I’ve just managed to mention off the top of my head. The company wanted us to list 100 things we want to do before we turn 100. Mind you, there are a ton of younger people than me, and many many more who haven’t had the chance to do quite what I have listed above already. I was struggling. I got to about 20 things and I couldn’t help but think that I’ve already done most it, my bucket list. Sure, I could make things up, but what’s the fun in that. Sure, I could have put some outlandish, unreachable things but that defeats the exercise.
I’m going to go with what I’ve got, and I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Lights, Camera…..

Almost fifteen years of going to Las Vegas for various trade shows, and yet the experience of Vegas hasn’t changed to me. It’s overwhelming, the lights, the noise, the sound of coins, the blips, the bleeps, the smoke, the drinking, the laughing, the carousing, the busy-ness.
I love the fact that Old Vegas downtown is rejuvinated and cleaned up. But the Strip, oh the Strip, there have been so many stories, so many parties, so many memorable events, and so many endless nights. I’m so happy and blessed to have made the most out of that city in my time.
I went back there recently and so many memories came to mind of my old days, my clothing business days, the mistakes I made, the rookie mistakes I made, the survival tactics I discovered and now as the seasoned vet, I cherish how I’m able to pass on that information and teach others to leave no one behind.
I remember the trade shows, the walking, the shmoozing, the boozing, the gambling, the parties, the afterparties, the dinners, the desserts, the craziness, the early morning meetings, the trip recaps, the shaking hands and kissing babies, and the whole of it all.
Long live Lus Begas.

Cheers to Karma…..

It’s fun to watch when Karma happens. When the moments and events unfold before your very eyes and you can see that someone’s Karma is coming back to get them, and you have a front row seat, it’s amazing, isn’t it?
I mean, not so much that you should delight and enjoy in it, because then your Karma might come back to get you for that, but at least to cherish the moment and understand the context of what exactly is going on in front of you.
I think I mostly feel a sensation of satisfaction that the Karmic scales balance themselves out when someone gets their just due and Karma returns some ‘favors’. I guess that’s also me the Libra.
I just take solace in the fact that things want to be balanced and in some ways, the universe ensures that that happens.
But it is fun to watch.

A Note On Love…..

Now why you wanna go and do that, love, huh?
Now why you wanna go and do that?
Why’d you have to leave?
Without even saying goodbye. Just to see you go. Just to see you one last time. To see your eyes. To see your smile. To see your love.
People ask me why I lost my religion when you left.
Religion cannot answer WHY, and therefore does not serve me.
I hate that I cannot have had my moment, our moment, our farewell.
Almost five years of anger and hatred and regret.
Some would say that’s too long.
Some would say “that’s it?”.
I always see you in their faces. I see you in their laughs. I see you when they get mad. I see you watching over them. And it kills me… all… the… damn… time.
I can at least talk about it now. It chokes me up, but I can carry a conversation about it. I know you hear me. I know you’re watching. I know.
I just can’t understand why.

Attention Jay Z Fans, Opinions Needed…..

Attention all Jay Z fans, I’m looking for some crowd sourcing data.
(Q) Do you consider Jay Z’s albums with R. Kelly and Linkin Park as “Jay Albums”?
If so, you would have to acknowledge that those were his worst albums in the discography. They were certainly his worst performing albums numbers-wise.
If not, you would also have to acknowledge then that MCHG does not belong in his discography, but rather as part of a “Collaboration Album” category.
What says you?

New Year, Nothing’s New, Everything’s New…..

December right? I can’t even imagine how much has transpired since then. Kids got older. We got older. Everyone got older.
Life happens.
Life is confusing.
Every time I go to simplify things, things get more complicated. It’s like herding cats. So I’ve found a happy medium: routine. Habit.
I know, I know, I’ve heard it all before. Let me tell you, without regurgitating stuff and reposting or stealing other people’s stuff, it’s quite a discipline to maintain a proper blog. And I admire those who do and do it well.
I promise you this: I have some new stuff, some new thoughts, and some new insights. I can’t promise them on a regular basis, but since I have this space, and you know how to find it, well let’s just meet here whenever we can.