Not Even the Reruns in Syndication…..

Have you ever watched a TV show series or grow up with a TV show and then just allofasudden lose interest in it? Other things have taken over your interest, your priorities, your PVR. But you just don’t even want to watch this show anymore. It’s still on, but you just don’t even pass by that channel, even when the show you’re in to is in a commercial. Or, you might watch an episode here or there, or you might catch the odd rerun, but overall, you’re just not into that show. Anymore.
I’m done watching your show.
You might be watching mine, and you might even want to be a part of the spinoff, or next season, but I’m done watching your show.

*snow on screen*

Take a Short Poll Time…..

Bon Apetit, Dinner Is Swerved…..

When you cook for someone, or at least offer to cook for someone, there’s a certain degree of love that goes into it. I mean, if you properly plan what you’re going to serve, how you’re going to serve it, and how the whole meal is put together, there’s some degree of thought that revolves around your love for that person (people). Otherwise, you might as well buy a bucket of KFC chicken and just serve it on styrofoam plates (been there before).
I mean, cooking is stressful enough, but to plan a meal and entertain someone and well, that takes some love. And if all goes to plan, even with a few mishaps, the guest will see the effort and (hopefully) appreciate it all.
The best part is that practice makes perfect. There are a bunch of dishes that I could make, no problem. I’m working on expanding my repertoire, and even some new cooking techniques (charcoal, woodchips, slow cooker). All in due time, just setting myself up for a nice retirement when it comes time! And good food too!
Also, just because I haven’t cooked for you (yet), doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. It just means I haven’t quite gotten around to thinking about what I’m going to serve yet.

#4thPersonProse – Before I Let You Go, Before I Let You Go…..

He said he wouldn’t do it. He said he wouldn’t leave her. How could he leave her? His father left him when he was two years old. He couldn’t even remember. He just grew up knowing his pops wasn’t around. He told himself he would never do that to her. But he must. He must. 

She won’t understand this. She won’t know why. She’ll blame herself for his leaving. She’ll have a tough time adjusting. But she’ll adjust. She’s damn smart. She’ll make it through. She’ll come out so much stronger. It has nothing to do with her though. 

He has to leave. If he’s going to save his sanity, it must be done. There’s nothing left to fight for. There’s too much fighting. There is no prize. It must be solved. 

He already left once. He took her back. Not once, not once did he ever look back. Until now. How now?